Unbearably cute

My daughter turned one this winter and I admittedly had been mentally planning her first birthday party throughout the first year of her childhood. The theme was a teddy bear picnic at the park by our home. Of course the first order of business was the invitation! I wanted it to be cute but not overly childish. I chose bright colors and had some fun with it.

I also created her first set of personalized stationery to match her invites. It’s never too early to start the “Thank You”note habit and well- this is just the first of many stationery sets she’ll gonna receive from her mama.

Here are a few fun party details:

I brought the invite with me to the bakery, Susie Cakes and they recreated the design on the cake. Super cute and tasty. The cake was a huge hit. The cake shop even gave us little to-go boxes, so we gave out leftover cake to guests as they left. We are totally doing that every year. We had a wagon full of teddy bears to greet everyone when they arrived. Each kiddo got a teddy with their name on the tag to “picnic” with when they arrived. Seeing each kid meet their new pal was adorable.

I can’t wait for many more years of kid’s party planning. This is too much fun.

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