A brown and “green” invitation

I created a fun invitation this past fall for a wedding weekend in San Francisco. This outdoorsy couple chose an earthy color palette of sage green and chocolate brown for their wedding. They had a number of fun events planned for their guests over the course of 3 days and needed a clever way to tie it all together. I incorporated icons from nature to differentiate each of their events.

Many couples are trying to be environmentally friendly when planning their weddings and this is a great example of not having to sacrifice on style to achieve that.

All the paper used was 100% post consumer recycled, 100% carbon neutral, and manufactured with 100% renewable energy. The offset printing, the greenest of printing options, allowed us to use soy-based ink.


I also created 2 custom stamps to match the nature motif, which I posted  in the Jenuine Paper Zazzle Store. The oaktree stamp in particular has become popular for other brides.

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