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Spreading good cheer!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Some of our holiday cards have been featured on other blogs this holiday season.
Check them out below!

The Creative Jar Blog

The Creative Jar: “my creativity is my freedom – free time to myself, free to express what I feel and free to have fun. it allows me to take off the many hats i wear and just be what i “want” to be for a while. that is what the creative JAR is all about!”

The Creative Jar Post

Little gray pixel blog

Little gray pixel: “Novelist, journalist, screenwriter, photographer, graphic designer … these are just a few of the pixels that make up the high-resolution jpg of me.”

Little gray pixel post

Thanks to both blogs for finding me!

Reuse last year’s wrapping paper

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

It’s that time of year where I become a wrapping fiend! I love finding gorgeous wrapping paper and I can’t bear to throw out any scraps! A few years ago I found a great way to use those little pieces of paper left over that won’t wrap anything but a thimble.


Below are instructions to my DIY recycled wrapping paper holiday cards:

Materials needed:

1. Round or square shaped die-cut punchers
2. Glitter pens
3. xyron sticker machine or a glue stick
4. Blank folded card

Punch as many circles or squares as you can with the left over wrapping paper.
Feed the shapes through the xyron machine to turn them into stickers
Peel stickers and space out shapes on front of a blank card
Use the glitter pen to draw on ribbons and bows to turn circles into ornaments and squares into presents

Seriously so cute! And if you are like my mom and you carefully unwrap gifts given to you to save the pretty paper, then you will have even more for next year!

If you like these but don’t feel like making them, I’ll make them for you! Click here to order some from my Jenuine Paper Etsy Store.